As part of Julie’s inherent passion and interest of doing good business whilst ensuring sustainable and conservation based measures, she lends her talent to 4 main areas:

Inspirational Speaker

Oceans – why care about them?
Marine Debris – why stop it!
Surviving the impossible – a buffalo attack
Sustainability – its more than just a word

Corporate Social Responsibility Adviser

Providing strategic advice to organisations (Private, NGOs, Government and others) to develop, manage and grow sustainable, impactful and meaningful investments be it through a CSR initiative and/or eco-social enterprises.

Adventure Travel

Connect to unique and exotic locations in and around the Indian Ocean, to experience some of the most exotic natural marine wonders of the world.

This is more than just a safari, it is about connecting you to the unique environment and becoming a part of the landscape be it through travel, dive, snorkelling, fishing, flying, research and more.

For those looking for something adventurous, meaningful, inspiring and different – be a

part of these adventures – click here/read more

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Marine Conservation

Coral reef research - awareness and management

Coral reef - fish identification

Team leader

Mangrove research - awareness and management

Sea turtle research - awareness and management

Dugong - research and awareness

Fish spawning aggregations – research and awareness

Marine Protected area management – National and community led

Social and community projects (education, awareness, enterprise) that support marine conservation



Nairobi, Kenya